Chitral rehabilitation to be completed in phases

siraj She was speaking to the participants of a function held near Kuragh after inaugurating a cable car service over the river to connect to villages on the Kosht side. Wheat seeds were also distributed among the farmers of the area on the occasion. Among others, Shahzada Sirajul Mulk, project director Saeed Awan, programme officer Hafiz Gujjar, CEO Babar Aziz, and district council member Advocate Mustafa were also present on the occasion. Ms Khan, who was on a two-day visit to Chitral, said that there had been large-scale destruction in Chitral but the damaged infrastructure would be built and rehabilitated gradually. The flood-affected people demanded the rehabilitation of agricultural channels and land. They also demanded that an excavator should be provided to the area to remove flood debris from agricultural land and damaged houses. It may be noted that with the opening of the cable car service, communication between Kosht and nearby areas has been restored.–Reporting by Bashir Hussain Azad aleen ]]>

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  1. Fortunate to have Imran Khan first after flood destruction and now his sister with leaders of Foundation inaugurating cable car service and distribution of seed amongst farmers. Imran Khan had promised in July and now in October end his sister promises for rehabilitation of damaged infrastructure. Much regret to say that they are making promises standing by the sides of tent village with women and children without drinking water and listening to the affectees for rehabilitation of irrigation channels and roads. Our sister is requested to please inform our honorable Chairman Mr. Imran Khan to provide all out support to the flood affectees as announced and as soon as possible.

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