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Reshun residents seek immediate removal of officials

reshun Speaking at a meeting in Reshun, former nazim Amirullah, retired Subedar Amiruddin, M. Nizamuddin, retired SHO Abdus Samad Khan, Muhammad Zahid, Ghulam Ali, retired Subedar Kaka Jan and Abdul Rab said due to the biased approach, favoritism and nepotism by the local administration officials, scores of outsiders continued grazing their thousands of cattle in the mountainous areas of Reshun, denuding the hilly tracks of all the forest cover and destroying the indigenous flora and fauna. They said because of this environmental degradation, the town of Reshun was destroyed by floods and was still under the threat of being washed away. They said these manmade disasters had also turned the indigenous people into refugees in their own land while the administration was looking the other way instead of implementing the law and protect the area. The representatives of the people said the officials were patronizing the outsider cattle owners for their vested interests putting the lives and properties of the locals at danger. They said there were relevant laws under which the outsiders cannot keep their cattle in the hilly areas of Reshun but the officials of the Mastuj tehsil instead of implementing the laws were blindly backing their relatives at the cost of the public. They said due to the criminal negligence and nepotism of the officials, over 300 households of Reshun were left with no other option but to leave their abodes and become refugees. They warned that if the provincial government did not take action against the negligent and biased officials of Mastuj, the residents of Reshun would be compelled to launch a protest move for their rights.]]>

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  1. hanif afzal says

    A sahiban tan payan janjalo tan hal ko ko no bte administration tn ko kia ramen chitrali officernan sum shokor koror.Neshow ki hanee espa anus chagh dka pat shana nishlik boi

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