'Protect Chitral protect Pakistan'

letter His remarks further pleased me and many others like me that by mid this century the 1980 level of ozone layer shall be restored. We the flood-affected people of Pakistan in general and the people of Chitral, the worst hit people in particular, are very happy to see this remarks from Dr Qamar Zaman. For information of the Ministry of Climate Change Islamabad, Chitral located in the extreme north of KP came under worst hit by glacial lake outburst and flash floods in July and August 2015. As many as 575 residential houses were completely demolished and buried under boulders and mud and another 462 houses partially damaged with a large size of plain land with standing crops and orchard. Infrastructures like roads, bridges, irrigation channels pipelines and distribution lines of electricity were destroyed. Hydel powerhouse at Reshun was destroyed and said not repairable. Quite a large number of villages in upper Chitral are plunged in to darkness. About 500 families are now living in tents with relief goods. Celebrating the preservation of the ozone layer day, the people of Chitral also held a meeting in Peshawar and agreed to work hard at local level for protection of ozone layer and at the same time agreed to start a campaign, “Protect Chitral protect Pakistan” and also presented a charter of demands to Ministry of Climate Change and other concerned stakeholders to ensure that they are fulfilling their jobs using their assigned authorities honestly for protection of Chitral and Pakistan. This is the right as well as the high time that Ministry of Climate Change should organize seminars at district level or at least at the divisional level in KP and in Gilgit-Baltistan giving alert to the people motivating them to cooperate campaign to protect their villages and Pakistan of GLOF and flash flood destruction. Liaquat Ali Dolomutch, Chitral. ]]>

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