Global peace games for youth organized

Global peace games for youth organized organized that featured a friendly sporting event with Futsal (mini-football) matches being played among eight high school teams of Booni, says a press release issued by IYFC.

The event, like all such events being held worldwide, was dedicated to the objectives of the United Nations for peace, nonviolence and human development.

This must also help enhance leadership skills and individual responsibility of children and youth, and help them learn how through sport and ordinary daily life actions and decisions, they can make the world a better place for all. On the day, the message and objectives of the Global Peace Games were read out to the participating teams and spectators before the first match started.

And all the players came together to start the game with the traditional handshake of the Global Peace Games.All the matches were played at the Government High School’s playground with several young spectators witnessing them. The Principal of the Government High School Booni inaugurated the event in the presence of the newly elected youth representatives of the local government and the volunteers of Ispru Youth Forum Chitral.

The chief guest, the youth representatives and the president of the IYFC addressed the players and spectators reiterating the message of tolerance, peace and understanding among cultures, religions and communities. Six private schools and two government schools participated in the event. The final match was played between Space Era Model School Booni and Government High School Booni and Space Era Model School emerged the winner of the tournament.

The credit of successfully holding this event goes to the volunteers of the IYFC who are predominantly university students having their summer vacations back home in Chitral. And Ispru Youth Forum Chitral is one of the very few social society representatives in Pakistan to have helped arrange the Global Peace Games alongside several organizations from other countries. Moreover, the IYFC has the privilege of holding the Global Peace Games on the “Roof of the World” i.e, Boroghil Valley in 2012. 

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