Turning a primary school into a varsity or …?

SBBU But established in a primary school that remained closed for years due to lack of students, the only two “professors” along with two watchmen at the SSBU campus are killing their time due to the absence of any academic activities. The campus has about 50 or so students enrolled with it, but most of them are unemployed graduates who have been searching for jobs and doing CT and SST courses to become teachers. Had this SBBU located in the US, there would have been no difference between it and the fake degree-selling varsities which after opening their offices in flats and small houses dish out online degrees that sometimes do the trick in Arabian and other countries. And there is a good news for the people of upper Chitral that besides the SSBU, Booni would soon have the campuses of the Abdul Wali Khan University and the Federal Urdu University to provide similar “quality” education to the youths of the area. But for their establishment, the authorities concerned of the education department are waiting for the closure of some other primary schools so that their buildings can be converted into university campuses. At the same time, the AIOU has already reached the area and set up its campus at the Govt High School Booni. In the rush for the university education, the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) is also not behind the race as its officials recently visited Chitral to establish a campus in the district. Some other known organizations are also interested in opening universities in Chitral. And during his visit to the flood-affected areas in Chitral, PTI chairman Imran Khan also considered it important to announce his decision to open a university for the people of Chitral. A retired government official is also said to have started a search for a piece of land to establish a university in Chitral. If universities open their campus in Chitral at such a pace, the time would not be far off when the people of the valley would be left with no primary schools and forced to enroll their children in private sector institutions. ]]>

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