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Let’s listen to the voice of Chitral

By Shabana Wali
“Wear not the black of sorrow for me my children, though I am ruined, my spirit still gains balm from the glories of yesterday. I was delighted with what I achieved, the sweet melodies which you ever warbled embraced my soul with depth of ecstasy, have not you heard ever the song of love which I used to sang for you in the calmness of night. I coddled you all in the lap of Hindu Kush Range unaware of the clouds which would appear above the horizon bringing with them the tune of sadness. I never knew that the mists which used to roll down from the mountain peaks will bring with them the wave of grief one day, otherwise I would have stopped them entering our Kingdom.
That night the moon casted its silver rays over our valley as usual, I felt pride of my beauty in that moonlight. I seek pardon from my Sustainer for I praised my own self rather than Him, as I was intoxicated with the feeling of pride for ruling over such beauty. Listen, my children! I accept that I was poisoned by my beauty, but you, what made you so careless, why I never listened to the melody of your prayers at the tranquility of nights. What made you flew away from the duty handed over to you at the very start of your journey to the World… Anyways! Forget it, I was telling you about the most grievous darkness which ever spread on my chest. I never feared of darkness but that night apprehension caught me from all sides. I shivered with grief suddenly when I saw the dark angry clouds coalescing with each other like the roaring waves of the tempest striking the nearby cliff angrily. All of you were wandering in your dreams my children, but I was at vigil the whole night, the waves of fear stroke my heart harshly and I could hear each beat of my heart alarming me from the unknown tempest yet to come. From the last many centuries I had been protecting my inhabitants from each sort of plight but that night I was helpless to protect my own beauty.
The mountains which were stood for your defense got weakened, the aromatic breeze turned into roaring wind and the calm rivulets became clamorous. It seemed like the whole administration was rebellious and aimed to ruin our little kingdom. Tears streamed down the cheeks of the hills from the eyes of the dark clouds, turning into flood a moment later. I closed my eyes and believe me my children, what I imagined were only your blooming faces. I forgot my beauty; I forgot the treasure which took years to be collected, what I remembered was only your safety. I prayed to Almighty not to snatch my children from me whom I love more than anything else.
The tempest was over, sweeping all the things with it, hurting me from all the sides but i did not care, what I cared was my real treasure in the shape of you, my children. For a moment I thought that the time has come to say farewell to the World but when I heard your voices courage arose in my heart, I opened my eyes and sighted a new portrait of me painted by the flood with the brush of brutality. When I saw your beautiful faces once again in front of me though helpless and homeless, but alive, my head bowed to thank Almighty Allah that His Majesty gave you back to me. Though I lost many but not all of you. Nothing was left, the carpet of lush green fields, the rustling of leaves, the applause of grasses, the fragrance of flowers and the cry of cattle, all were gone.
Ahh! How much your ancestors struggled to set up a kingdom for you, now it is your turn to rebuild me once again for your descendants. Do not lose courage my people, let’s construct our kingdom once again for Lord has given us chance to do so, let’s light the candles, not of sorrow but of hope. From the deep sea to the high sky changes are part of everything, let’s accept this change which will be providing us a new vision, a new direction a new life Insha Allah. Vivify me my children, together you can bring my beauty back to me. I will be waiting for your support.”

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  1. Javed iqbal says

    Beautiful piece of writing , encouraging and inviting each and everyone of us to care for our beautiful area.

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