2 Replies to “Govt warned against housing scheme at Qaqlasht”

  1. Such a foolish demand at the time when people have become homeless and still under threat from Floods and natural calamities. They should demand 50 % of the area to be given to the people who are affected by the floods rather than stopping the project. At this juncture this project has been very important for the people of Chitral and i request the leaders specially of PTI to request the CM to set aside 50 percent of the area for poor and homeless people who are affected by the floods. The demand that it is the grazing land and should be left alone sounds stupid.

    1. Way to go .Don,t let them commit daylight robbery .People of chitral are left high and dry by the govt.in these difficult times. Qaqlast has been the property of our people and now it’s the only hope to accommodate displaced people,the number of whom is going to swell in coming years.

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