Rs27 bn for Chakdara-Chitral road

Report Gul Hamaad Farooqi
CHITRAL, July 22:  Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz  Sharif visited flood affected areas of Chitral. He was received by chief minister KP Parvez Khattak at Chitral airport when he arrived there in a PIA flight.
IMG_3412Later, he came to the headquarters Chitral Scouts where he was presented a guard of honor.
He was briefed by General Officer Commanding  Army Division Malakand  Major General Nadir Khan about the natural calamity. Lt Gen retired Asghar Nawaz, chairman NDMA, also briefed the prime minister about the damages to infrastructure.
Later, the prime minister  met elites of  Chitral. He announced Rs27 billion for the construction of Chakdara-Chitral road and the Drosh bridge besides opening of utility stores.
He also assured that a network of hospitals and university will also be opened in Chitral.


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  1. Recent visit of PM Nawaz Sharif well in time. He has shown himself matured and sincere with Chitral. PM taken some very positive and necessary initiatives and announced development projects. i.e competition of Lawari Tunnel, Chikdara Chitral road and rehabilitation of affected people of flood and compensation. In other side Provincial Government does not exist in the area and provincial departments are almost sleeping.

  2. PM announcement for Chitral Motorway, completion of Lowari Tunnel by end 2016, Provision of required fund for rehabilitation of damaged infrastructure and writing off of loan to small farmers are no doubt great and shall be remembered by the people of Chitral. A person after attending PM meeting held under Army control in Chitral told about remarks made by PM that flood damages in Chitral are not that much as has been shown by Media. Does PM want more destruction of Chitral? We think that Chakdara Chitral Motorway might be the part of Pak China corridor package. PM should know that the people of Chitral shall not forget their benefactors. Since Chitral is largely and widely affected, hence the need is that
    1. PM should announce start of construction of Motorway from Chitral.
    2. All business small loans in the range of up to 5 million be written off as was done by PM of last government.
    3. Special package for the development of Chitral.

  3. Well Done PM. But this project is instantiated by Provisional Govt. on the request of Mr. Siaj ul Haq.

  4. Prime Minister Nawaz sharif has really impressed entire chitral district by announcing 27bn rupees project of Chakdara to Chitral Motorway.
    This is what leaders influence people, and I am sure that by executing this project Nawaz sharif is really going to make distinct position in the hearts and minds of Chitrali people, it will not only solve the outstanding problems of the chitralis but would definitely put a good input into the entire national economy.
    We, the progressive minded silent majority, rarely take part in politics and arguments but such initiatives by Mr.Sharif really opened our minds and ideas to pay homage for our leaders who really care our long standing issues.
    Mr.Prime Minister really deserves a congratulation and honor while announcing this wonderful project and we all look forward to get this project started and hence winning the confidence of chitrali people in a rapid way, which has been the good habbit of all patriotic leaders.

    1. Infra structure in chitral is very poor which needs to be revamped through such mega projects like motorway,early completion of Lowai tunnel priority basis so that frustration among chitrali people could be curtailed and patriotism in their minds may be nurtured!!

  5. We really appreciate the positive attitude of PM during his recent visit to Chitral. It was the best time and his visit encouraged the people affected in the flood of 2015.
    Prime Minister made good announcements and we really want this all in practical. Action speaks louder than words.

  6. Priminister Nawaz sharif zinda baad..if fullfil ur promises then chitrali nataion cant forget you.

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