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Seven billion dreams, one planet!

The major event was celebrated in Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Chitral campus, in which environmentalists and Worldlife representatives delivered speeches on environmental challenges in Chitral and climate change in the world.

Chitral-wide green clubs in their own targeted areas held walks with placards, banners and charts, and civil society also took interest in awareness programs and activism in protecting mother earth, and minimizing possible hazards and environmental challenges.

Flying the theme of the year, 15 members from SBBU and Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Chitral along CHEPS Chairman Rehmat Jaffar Dost held a long walk to Chitral Gol National Park. The group with the commitment visited the park to clean it from the wastes and to see natural gift closely. After dumping the wastes environmental group also pasted charts in different locations in the park.

It was the first visit of CHEPS in the history of Chitral on the site to keep it clean and green, while speaking on the spot Chairman CHEPS said to the group members. ‘We need to commit to sustain its natural beauty, cleanliness and scenic landscape’ he also added. He also appealed to the authorities of the park and World Life department to keep a check on the visitors in creating pollution and hazards to the natural and scenic beauty of the National heritage of Pakistan and asset of Chitral.

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