Why this injustice with people of Awi?

Through the column of this online newspaper, I would like to bring it to the notice of the authorities concerned that the people of Awi have been discriminated against in the electricity distribution form a powerhouse being built near their village. letterThe Sarhad Rural Support Programme (SRSP) has initiated work on the hydel power project in Awi (Dumadumi) village. The SRSP has been funded by the government of KP for this particular project. Initially, it was decided to distribute the output of the project between the residents of Awi and Booni. The total estimated output of the project was 500kw. But later news spread that even the total output of the project was insufficient to meet the requirements of the people of Booni. Thus the authorities concerned decided to give the whole electricity from the powerhouse to Booni, which meant that the people of Awi (who claim the royalty) were deprived of the electricity to be generated from the project. The authorities concerned remain totally oblivious of the genuine concerns raised by the residents of Awi. The government of KPK is, therefore, requested to take action against those authorities who have been involved in turning this project a headache for the people of Awi. Meraj Ali Jan, Awi]]>

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  1. Aye Lal waqi la SRSP wala awekan sum bo part areni, Awio ruyan bachain tanha Power House sawzailik, ispa hanisay AKRSPio sum rabita kosi

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