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Experts discuss development of Khowar syllabus

PESHAWAR, March 9: A week-long workshop on development of syllabus for Khowar language was held in Peshawar in the first week of March. workshopThis was part of a series of workshops arranged by the Directorate of Curriculum and Teachers Training, KPK. Khowar curriculum for class I to XII has already been finalized during previous sessions. In the present workshop, a manual was developed for teachers who are going to teach the syllabus. Experts, who participated in the workshop, included Mr.Farid Ullah Khan, Deputy Director (Training) DCTE, Mr. Muhammad Arif (SS DCTE), Ms. Lubna (SS DCTE), Maulana Naqeebul Lah Razi (SBB University), Prof.Mumtaz Hussain (Government College Chitral), Saleh Wali Azad (HM GHS Koghuzi), Ms. Noor Saba (HMss GGHS Reshun), Ms. Mehrun Nissa (HHss GGHS Broze), Farid Ahmad Raza (Linguist) and Atta Hussain Athar (AKHSS Kuragh).]]>

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