Pir Karam refuses to step down as GB governor

GILGIT, Feb 17: The appointment of Chaudhry Muhammad Barjis Tahir, a PML-N loyalist, as governor of Gilgit-Baltistan set off a political storm in the region after he took oath of his office on Monday, but the incumbent refused to step down and claimed that he was still the ‘constitutional’ holder of the position. birjees“I have not resigned as yet since the federal government has not informed me about my removal,” Pir Karam Ali Shah said. “It is unconstitutional and unethical to appoint a new governor without officially removing the sitting one.” Minutes after Barjis Tahir, Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan, took oath of his office, protests erupted across the region and in Islamabad against the appointment of a man from outside the area as governor. The protests forced a change in venue of the oath-taking ceremony from Gilgit-Baltistan House to the Ministry of Kashmir Affairs. According to sources, the ministry was told that parties opposed to the PML-N planned to hold demonstrations outside the GB House if the ceremony went ahead. The oath-taking went ahead nevertheless, but without fanfare and under heavy security cover in a small room at the ministry. The narrowness of the room led to an exchange of harsh words between the authorities and journalists. The latter ultimately decided to boycott the event. But the newly appointed governor apologised to journalists and persuaded them to end the boycott. KARAM BREATHES FIRE: Pir Karam Ali Shah accused Islamabad of hatching a conspiracy to undermine the powers vested in the GB government under the GB Empowerment and Self-Governance Order 2009. “I will take my case to people’s court as the federal government is trying to negate the sacrifices rendered by GB populace for joining Pakis­tan. In 1947 the GB rulers had an option to proclaim accession even to countries like China and Russia,” Mr Shah said upon his return to Gilgit from Karachi. He was in the city for medical treatment. “Our forefathers sided with Pakistan only for the sake of Islamic values, but now we are being humiliated for no fault of ours.” Workers of the Peoples Party took to the streets in Gilgit, Skardu and Danyor in protest against the centre’s move. The demonstrators carried banners slamming the federal government for “imposing an outsider on our region”. Speakers warned the federal government that the region could turn into “another Balochistan” if it did not respect the people’s aspirations. “We will never tolerate the imposition of a non-local and PML-N favourite as governor,” Hussain Ali Rana, an office-bearer of Gilgit-Baltistan PPP, said. He expressed apprehensions that elections to the region’s council would not be “free fair under the circumstances”.–Dawn (Jamil Nagri).]]>

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  1. At least the federal govt should have informed him or asked him to resign. It is the favorite hobby of Nawaz Sharif as he did the same with Pervaiz Musharaf but in the end he would be in trouble because jeet hamsha haq ki hoti ha.

  2. Pir Sb ab apka retirement ka waqt aagaya hai. Governor federal government appoint karta hai aur apka party ka hokumat chala giya.. Allah app ko sihat de

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