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Ex-APML lawmeker to formally join JUI on Jan 4th

  ISLAMABAD, Jan 2: The political chessboard of Chitral will see some new moves as former member provincial assembly Ghulam Muhammad is all set to join the bandwagon of Jamiat Ulem-e-Islam-Fazal (JUI-F). ghulamWell-placed sources close to the former MPA told ChitralToday that he would formally announce to join JUI-F on January 4 (Sunday). According to the sources, the former MPAA was compelled to part ways with the APML of Pevez Musharraf after the former military strongman lost his political clout and was sidelined from the mainstream national politics by the judiciary, barring him from taking part in 2013 general elections. Another reason which forced him to swallow the bitter pill to call it a day with APML is believed to be current political situation in which the ruling government of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has completely ignored the district, which insiders say is a vendetta against people of Chitral for electing his arch political rival – former president Gen Pervez Musharraf. Political pundits termed it a timely decision by the former MPA, saying JUI-F has a solid vote bank especially in Lot Oveer and other parts of Torkhow and Murkhow tesils which will help him in giving a tough time to his political rivals. They said that Ghulam Muhammad had also a huge following in upper Chitral such as Yarkhun, Laspur, Mastuj, Sonoghur, Rech, Parwak, Brep, etc, besides having the support of his own tribe, where majority of his voters will vote only for Ghulam Muhammad without the insignia of the party. The sources also said before making up his mind to join JUI-F, he consulted his close aides and supporters in different parts of upper Chitral, and took them into confidence whether his decision to join a religious political party will augur well in future or not. They further stated that with the consent, support and good wishes of his supporters, he decided to jump into the fray with a new political vigour to drub his opponents, who have miserably failed in working for the uplift of the area despite tall claims before the elections. The sources also said that the provincial leadership of PTI, which also extended support to him during re-elections in seven controversial polling stations last year, also offered him to become part of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) but he, his political acumen compelled him to choose JUI-F which, without any doubt, is a politically wise strategy. Also read here:]]>

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  1. Syed Ali Raza says

    Well said broth @Umer Rafi , this is what the common man says in Sub division . This is what Sardar Hussain and Ghulam Muhammad are ignoring but this is their nightmare

  2. Nadir Khan, Karachi says

    You reported that mullahs termed joining of JUI by GM and his Ismaili supporters will not only help the JUI but will also promote sectarian harmony in Chitral. But it pains me to see one of the same mullahs present at the gathering adding fire to the sectarian tension in Chitral by attacking the akes at the same public gathering in Booni. He compared akes with madrassas and said that madrassas provided free education to thousands and condemned akhws kuragh for taking action against a girl for not paying her fees. He then asked the contractor politician to pay the bill of the girl and the contractor very proudly said he would. Without debating the Akhss Kuragh issue, what was the need to spill venom about the Ismaili institute when the Ismailis were announcing to join the JUI? The ismailis have always worked for sectarian harmony and never wanted to be at the throats of their Sunni brothers because they are peaceful people but it is always these mullahs who have created divisions in society and oft and on issue fatwas and threats for their vested interests.

  3. Umar Rafee, Broghil says

    Well, Haji Ghulam Mohd has joined another party with expectation to gain support of new people and new area. it is his rig ht to join anew party. But many my friends have given him the credit to get win Shahzada Muhiyud Din and His Son.. He was Shahzada, who has introduced this businessman in politics and he was the man, who has made him politician and My dear friends, if you can go through the last four decades of Chitral history, Shahzada and his family has been in politics and he is the champion of Chitrali politics and many people think that with Shahzada Muhi UD Din, his family politics ended up and this is misunderstanding or just wish of many people. The current MNA Iffitikhar Ud Din is very suitable for future politics of Chitral. He is simple, he is religious, he is responsible, he is well educated, he is visionary, well planned person and we need to support youths, new leadership and now there are two other personalities Mr. Saleem and Mr. Sardar Hussain and the future will support those, who can perform well and now every child of Chitral is mature in making decision for future leadership and future leadership election or selection will be more challenging for every candidate and specially Haji Ghulam Mohd lost our trust, hopes and at least, he had to keep support General Musharraf till the end of this tenure and JUI is not the right place for him.. Let us see the future together.

    1. wali ahmed says

      Well Mr rafi I personally know u u don’t like GM dats y u always critice him for the things which he never done.he has done a lot for u during his tenure.u r basically Shazada nawaz dats y u r ignoring the fact dat GM was the day first Shazada’s investor nd active member of the party dats y Shazada gave him ticket…also bcoz of GM’s strong strategy Shazada won his seat…if he introduced GM in politics is mein konsi ehsan ki baat ha…GM won bcoz of himself nd his hard work not becoz of Shazada or parveiz musharraf…he has his own vote bank nobody helped him…at the end u r supporting sardar hussain nd Salim khan just becoz they Belong to your own community otherwise their performance r infront of chitrali ppl…

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