PTI Chitral vows to stand by Imran for a change

CHITRAL, Dec 31: Local leaders of PTI have reiterated their determination and will to stand by Imran Khan to bring about a real change to rid the nation of corruption. pti copyIn a press conference held here on Wednesday, wing commander (retired) Fardad Ali Shah, Abdul Majeed, Sajjad Hussain, Raziuddin, Israr Ahmed and others eulogized the party workers from Chitral for their zealous participation in the historical dharna. They said that the party workers showed their resoluteness during the crictical hours of dharna and rallied round their party chief Imran Khan when the others started deserting in the face of teargassing and lathi charge. They said that the workers from Chitral were admirable in the sense that they belonged to the most backward and remotest district and suffered worst in attending the protest. The PTI leaders hoped that the party workers will readily respond to the call of their leader Imran as and when he summons them to put the corrupt leaders on the right track. On the occasion, local lawyer Sirajuddin Rabbani announced to join the party and said that he was highly impressed by the program of Imran Khan and his agenda of change.]]>

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