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Winter blues and 'migratory' politicians of Chitral

BOONI, Dec 23: With the start of the cold wave, most of the people of Chitral have started moving towards urban areas to escape the harsh winter season. Like the migrating birds, former and current elected representatives of Chitral have also left their electorates behind and reached their cozy abodes in Peshawar and Islamabad. The MPAs and the MNA Chitral, who always issue statements and claim to be working for the welfare of the masses, have left the people behind to suffer not only the harsh weather but also endure over 18-hour daily loadshedding. But these Chitrali leaders never forget their voters and always try to remain in the news by issuing statements after statements sitting in their private and official houses in Peshawar and Islamabad. bridsThe MNA seemed too much busy doing nothing and hardly got time to come to Chitral and visit his electorates. However, outspoken MPA from upper Chitral Sardar Hussain spared a week in November and paid a whirlwind visit to his constituency as he might have thought that his people would miss him during the whole winter when he would be camping in Peshawar to fight for their rights – only on paper. Showing his devotion for the people, MPA from lower Chitral Saleem Khan bore the brunt of the harsh weather and stayed in Chitral till the first week of December and then moved to Peshawar. Former MNA and Jamaat Islami Chitral leader Abdul Akber also comes to Chitral when the weather suits him as he is very comfortably runs his own religious seminary in Peshawar. There is no need to complain against MPA Fouzia Bibi as being a woman she might not have been able to face the chill of winter sitting in Chitral. Despite having a huge generator installed at his Booni residence to ensure uninterrupted power supply , former MPA Ghulam Muhammad never even dared to come home in the winter season. PTI leader Rehmat Ghazi can be exempted from the list as Peshawar being his birthplace, he is not accustomed to live in Chitral in winters.]]>

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  1. Ali Safdar says

    The writer almost forgot the Guftar Ke Ghazi MPA mastuj that he has bought a villa in Amin Colony Peshawar and the last he visited Chitral because the plane he took was for free as he traveled with ICIMOD staff. Otherwise he would not have thought of travelling to Booni to face the masses in the chill.

  2. Obaid Ullah says

    Why do we expect our leaders to be present in Chitral in winters? What can be done in Chitral in winters? We all Chitralis like to visit their relatives in Peshawar and other warmer places in winter. Why to single out the leaders, while most of the works of Chitralis can be accomplished from Peshawar and Islamabad. The Assembly is in Peshawar, Secretariat of all the departments is in Peshawar , posting and transfers are done from Peshawar, Chitrali patients can be helped from Peshawar. Why do we want them in Chitral just for small talk? Every one who has means wants to get out of Chitral. Their is information that Sardar Hussain has bought a home in Peshawar Amin Colony, so what, why cant he live in Peshawar with his family. While the writer has made the PTI leader a muhajir by changing his birth place, which is not the case. He was in Chitral along with the MPA last november as i had seen his pictures on facebook.
    We should not exaggerate, if the writer is given a free ticket , i bet he would definitely take it and can travel to Karachi.

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