Think, use your own ideas

From Hazrat Adam (A.S) till now, living human being makes their way with the changes of time. qariIn the beginning, fire was burned from stones and later match sticks took its place. Wood was used to burn fire, now heaters and other appliances are available though people of Chitral are still waiting for that. Besides, coal was once used for writing which was taken over by pen and now computer has become very common. In short, as the time changes human being creates different appliances to regulate the world. Although our life is same as it is, from crawling to walking, feeding to eating, crying to talking, mud to mobile, changes happen everywhere. But one thing, our mind, could be changed and run by ourselves not by nature, as there might be mental disorder and other things but the healthy mind needs to be run by ourselves, as if we need anything we will think if we want to work we will think, if we study something we will think. THINKING is a main process of mind which creates ideas in the memory of human, but why this strong process is getting weak in our minds? Why we are not thinking? If we are thinking why it is not going same as we demand? Because we are thinking as the followers of others – not independent thinkers on our own. If someone is earning a heavy amount, we talk about his degree and start gossiping in many ways. But what is the result? We know everyone is created with its own skill, someone could be a good cook rather than mechanic, finance manager could be good entrepreneur and horse rider could be a good leader so why they are doing different job opposite to their skills just to earn two rupees more. If we say Misbah should play like Afridi, would he be able to work as he work with tuk tuk. If he does he will be pressurizing his self because of other. If you ask like Izhar polo player to be a good cricketer, could he be able to compare his born skill of polo, the answer is NO. We all have our own skills, we all have our own mind, education is a demand to get to your own field, struggle for that leave what the community is saying, show something by your strength what you have no one have that, what they have you don’t have don’t be a copy cat because it could make you a clean bold out of that field because the style of batting really matters.]]>

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