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ANP seeks three-day opening of Lowari tunnel

CHITRAL, Nov 14: Awami National Party (ANP) Chitral has demanded the government open the under-construction Lowari tunnel for at least three days a week. tunnelWhen the Lowari pass closes in winter due to the snow, people of Chitral remain stranded for almost five months. To provide them accessibility, the government opens the tunnel for a few hours two days a week. In a press statement, the ANP here said that the provincial government, in consultation with the federal government, should allocated funds to pay to the Korean construction company so that it can stop the work at the site and open the passageway for traffic three days a week to lessen the hardship of the Chitrali people. If this is not possible, the ANP added, the federal government should take up the matter with the government of Afghanistan to open the Kunar-Nawa pass road for the Chitralis in the winter.]]>

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