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We will foil conspiracies against country's foundation: Maghfirat Shah

CHITRAL, Nov 2: The district amir of Jamaat-e-Islami Chitral, Haji Maghfirat Shah, has said thousands of party workers from Chitral will participate in the grand congregation of the party to be held in Minar-e-Pakistan Lahore this month. jiAddressing a party convention here on Sunday, he said that the country was passing through a crucial phase of its history and that negative forces were at work to weaken its foundation but the workers of his party will abort it. Mr. Shah claimed that the mega event of his party will change the very course of politics of the country and will be a cornerstone of the political history of the country. He said that during his visit to various valleys of the district soon after his election to the office of district amir, he found the people ready to respond positively to the call of his party to make Pakistan an Islamic country for which it had been obtained. He said thousands of people in the areas of Torkhow, Mulkhow, Mastuj and Koh union council had agreed to participate in the Lahore meeting of the party. Earlier, the gathering was addressed by former district amir Maulana Sher Aziz and other leaders Maulana Israruddin Alhilal, Hedayatullah, Maulana Salamatullah and others. On this occasion, it was demanded of the government through a unanimously passed resolution to keep the Lowari tunnel opened for the public for eight hours a day after the closure of the Lowari Pass in the coming winter season. It was also demanded of the government to ensure timely completion of Golen Gol hydro power project in which large scale bungling has been surfaced recently which is affecting not only the quality but also the pace of its progress. Through yet another resolution, the death penalty handed down to JI amir of Banglandesh Mutiur Rahman Nizami was condemned who was being punished for his love to Pakistan.]]>

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  1. Jabbar khan says

    Dear Editor, please do not let people to pass vituperative comments against the leaders as one Noor Baig has done. The matter of whether Maghfirat Shah had stolen explosives or not is being heard in the court of law where prosecution will present the proofs, if any. Your website should not be used to disparage the image of our leaders who are our real assets. We must respect the leaders of all parties and all communities. It was highly disappointing to note that you allowed some people like Mr. Ihsanul Haq Danish and Noor Baig to label the emblem of thief on the district amir of Jamaat Islami. It is the workers of the party to chose their leader as every person knows his organization by himself.

    1. Shah Waliullah says

      I was a staunch supporter of Jamat-e-Islami till Maghfirat Shah was handpicked as its district ameer.
      If Maghfirat Shah could become the ameer of a religious political party, why we blame PTI district president Abdul Lateef for destroying timber?
      Maghfirat Shah is an accused in the explosive recovery case and was sent to the district jail Denin by a local court. He is facing serious charges and people defending him must keep this in mind that they must not project him as a hero or a sacred cow. The people of Chitral have all the rights to question his credibility. We appreciate the impartial and balanced approach of this online media forum for taking such people to task.

  2. Noor Baig says

    One cannot become Munawar Hassan or Qazi Hussain Ahmed by wearing a cap on your head. You still have to pay for the stolen RDX..

  3. Shahpar Ali says

    Exactly How? by stealing more RDX from hydel power projects in Chitral, maybe

  4. Zahoor ul Haq Danish says

    An English proverb goes: ” Example is better than precept.”
    Hail ‘ameer’ hail!

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