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New bridge to Sweer-Lasht opened

DROSH. Nov 2: A newly-constructed jeep-able bridge to Sweer-Lasht,Drosh, was opened on Sunday. The bridge was funded by the SRSP and local communities.SONY DSCSpeaking on the occasion, Deputy Commissioner Chitral Aminul Haq said there were many organizations working in Chitral but SRSP could be seen everywhere across the district which was its commitment for the development of this backward area. He urged the local people for better usage and maintenance of the bridge. The DC approved a Levies’ post for the protection and safeguard of the suspension bridge. SRSP Chief Executive Officer Masoodul Mulk said that there was a period when the SRSP was unable to attract any minor funding and today is another era when it is not only present in KP but also had a strong presence in FATA. He claimed that funds provided by donor organizations were utilized in a transparent and judicious manner that’s why the SRSP was able to regain the trust of donors. He urged the communities to make their organizations strong and participate in developmental activities. Tariq Ahmed, DPM-SRSP Chitral, talked about the suspension bridge scheme. He said that the scheme was made possible through the PPAF-LACIP project costing more than 10 million rupees. He said that 8.7 million were provided by the project while the remaining amount was community contribution. He added that eight community organizations were involved in the scheme which was completed in nine months. Salahudin Saleh, Project Manager PPAF-LACIP, highlighted SRSP activities in Union Council Shishikoh and Ashrait under the PPAF-LACIP project. He said in both union councils developmental and livelihood schemes were completed which cost more than 80 million rupees. On behalf of local communities, ex-member district council Muhammad Ali thanked SRSP for constructing the jeep-able road. He also thanked political and social elite of tehsil Drosh for participating in the inaugural ceremony.]]>

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