Activists go on hunger strike against drug peddling

DROSH, Nov 2: Scores of social activists held a hunger strike against drug peddlers and their patronizes in the Drosh town on Sunday. droshSpeaking at the camp set up at Drosh bazaar, PPP leader and social activist Akmal Bhutto said that for a healthy society it was necessary that the society should be free of narcotics. In a society where drugs were available easily, the youth went astray and got themselves involved in addiction. No society can see progress if its youths were involved in drug addiction. The social activists said that some people in the Drosh town and its adjoining areas were involved in drug peddling and the youths were falling prey to the. They said the government had not been able to check the menace and purge the society of the menace of drugs. The participants of the hunger strike warned that if urgent steps were not taken against the drug peddlers and their patronizers, they would launch a fully-fledged movement with the help of the residents. They also called upon people of the area to raise their voice against the menace to save the young generation from the social ills.—Jahan zeb]]>

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