Autumn colours attract tourists to Chitral

CHITRAL, Nov 2: The advent of autumn season has blanketed Chitral in yellow, giving a fascinating view and attracting tourists in large numbers to the district. The autumn colours vary from yellow to red to golden and each valley of the district is known for its peculiarity in certain colours due to the presence of certain trees. The tourist rush has left the hotels in Chitral city, Booni and Kalash valleys of Bumburate and Garam Chashma full to their capacity. autimn2 copyHotel owners said that the tourists’ stay would be for more than a week, adding that more tourists were planning to arrive here from different parts. They said that some tourists were the regular visitors to the district during last many years. The visitors said that Chitral was famous for its autumn season attractions and beauty like that of Gilgit-Baltistan. They said that some towns were specially known for their fascinating look due to high density of trees that change colour of leaves, giving an eye-catching view. Zahid Alam from Rawalpindi said that he along with his family had been coming here for the last four years to enjoy the autumn season. “We will cross into Gilgit-Baltistan through Shandur Pass which is also known for its attractive autumn season,” he added. Dr Inayatullah Faizi, a local writer former manager of IUCN, said that the autumn season of Chitral found frequent description in the folk-lore, including poetry and songs, giving it a romantic touch. ‘Chanchhori’ (the fall of foliage) is the local name of autumn season which has a tender impact on the lives of local people, and it has a romantic connotation in the local language. He said that for the local people, the season was also important as they prepared to go into hibernation for three months when the distant valleys received many feet of snow, confining people to their homes throughout the winter. Shahzada Khosh Ahmadul Mulk, the last surviving son of the former ruler of Chitral, has specially grown a variety of trees in his garden in Ayun village (gateway to Bumburate valley) which give a vivid look in autumn. The tourists visiting the garden appreciated his choice of tree species which changed colours in the season. Meanwhile, people associated with tourism industry criticised the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Tourism Corporation for its failure to take steps to promote autumn tourism despite having great potential. The TCKP recently took over all the five hotels in Chitral from Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation, but has yet to make any effort to attract tourists to the area, they complained.–Zahiruddin (photo Karimullah)]]>

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