Chitrali female lecturer awarded PhD degree

CHITRAL, Oct 4: Shahida Aman, Lecturer at the Department of Political Science,  University of Peshawar, successfully defended her PhD thesis on the ‘State failure and state building in post-conflict societies: a case study of Afghanistan’  on October 1. phdShe was a PhD scholar at Area Study Centre, University of Peshawar.  Her supervisor was Prof.  Dr.   Sarfraz Khan, Director Area Study Centre.  She was awarded a PhD degree at the successful completion and defence of her thesis. She hails from Booni and is daughter of retired PMG Sardar Ali Sardar Aman. She is currently teaching at the department of political science, University of Peshawar.–Waqar Ahmed]]>

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  1. Dear sister,
    It is soul reviving news not only for your family but for all Chitralies we are really proud of you. We hope you will guide and push other chitralies students (daughters) in the same track also in Peshawar University.

  2. My heartiest felicitations may please be conveyed to Dr.Shahida Aman, her great father PMG(r) and her entire family on the successful completion of her Doctorate. It is really matter of great honour for entre Chiral and we r all proud of her. Here I would like to add that tremendous and exemplary services Of PMG sahib(retired) will never be forgotten from the hearts of Chitralis and history of Chitral that he has done for the promotion of postal services and job opportunities of Chitral and KPK (the then NWFP).

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