USAID-funded project to promote Khow culture launched

CHITRAL, Sept 9: For the preservation of the centuries-old Khow (Chitrali) culture, a project has been launched by the Chitral Association for Mountain Areas Tourism (CAMAT) with the financial assistance of USAID. Addressing the launching ceremony of the project, the team leader, Dr. Inayatullah Faizi, said that the project was aimed at promoting tourism and attracting eco-tourists in a large number by renaissance of the traits and norms of the locals which had been given up since long. He said that the culture had a good substance to attract a tourist as it was a conglomeration of Indian, Persian and Central Asian cultures which still wielded their flavors distinctly. faiziDr. Faizi said that the project will take eleven union councils of the district and will involve twenty six local organizations and will strive to restart eight kinds of festivals, twelve handicrafts, twenty two items of local cuisines and eighteen folk sports. He said that to obtain the objectives, competition of cooking the local cookery, folk sports will be held while training will be imparted in the old handicrafts while the festivals will be held under the auspices of the project. Deputy commissioner Chitral Aminul Haq, presiding the function, said that the culture of Chitral had a great potential to lure the tourists to come to the area if properly advertised. He asked the project management to chalk out plan to promote the Chitrali culture in its full and also properly disseminate its features outside the district. He said that Chitral was divided into more than thirty valleys and each of them had distinct traits of culture and more than twelve dialects were spoken there but despite they give the impression of oneness and the people live in an ideal environment of peace and harmony. The chairman of Chitral Council of Development Network, the umbrella organization of different local support organizations, Muhammad Wazir Khan also addressed the function and welcomed the decision of taking on board the local organizations.–Zahiruddin]]>

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