Landsliding destroys village, displaced people seek help

GARAM CHASHMA, Aug 11: A massive landsliding has destroyed a number of houses in the Zhitoor village, threatening other settlements. slide4These homes are out of use after this massive land sliding. There was no death reported as the land sliding happened in the afternoon. More than seven cattle sheds were destroyed and there was no lose of livestock. The canal which is the only source of irrigation for the forest of the area is also destroyed. The local sources said this all happened due to the lack of proper drainage system in the area. Throughout the year, the outflow of drinking water of the tap is drained to this canal. The water is absorbed in the soil which became the cause of land sliding. Below this canal, there exist more than 40 houses. These houses are in the danger zone. All the members of the community are anxious about the situation. Above this canal, there exist seven homes which are also partially damaged. The local community is too much anxious about the existing situation and wants help from NGOs to tackle this situation. slide1The agricultural land and forests of the local people are under this canal. Damage to the canal means damage to the agricultural land and forest of the people. The people depend upon this forest for their revenue. This forest is the only source of timber and furniture wood for this region. Approximately, 45 acres of land will be barren if the canal is not restored properly and in time. Sher Azim, whose home was totally destroyed, is a tailor by profession. He has completed his home previous year after saving money and getting money from banks and businessmen of the area. He said he was still under the pressure of loan which was still not paid and the tragedy had made his life more miserable, so he needs help and support from NGOs. Below are the names of the people whose houses have been damaged in the disaster. 1. Sher Azim (his home totally destroyed) 2. Muslim Shah 3. Jahan Shah 4. Ajaib Shah 5. Abdul Qadir 6. Meherban Shah 7. Sher Din 8. Mohammad Yousuf 9. Gulab 10. Sher Ajam According to the local sources, Mohammad Anwar’s cattle shed was also destroyed. The land sliding is also causing damage to the orchard of Haji Din which is the only source of income of this person.slide3]]>

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