Broghil youths imparted hospitality training

CHITRAL, Aug 11: The Chitral Association for Mountain Area Tourism (CAMAT) here organized a six-day cooking training for eight selected guesthouse owners from Broghil. The training was arranged through the financial support of the Aga Khan Rural Support Program’s market development (MD) section under its employability and leadership for youths (EELY) project with CAMAT as the implementing partner. camatThe purpose of the training was to develop cooking skills among the selected trainees largely focusing on better hospitality management and food services with improved hygiene quality in their indigenous guesthouses. This will ultimately lead to creating self-employment opportunities for youths in the said destination. The training focused on cleanliness, better hospitality management and high service quality. The expert chef in Pakistan Tourism Corporation (PTDC) Chitral exhibited his cooking skills through ‘learning by doing’ or ‘learning by cooking’. At the end, the trainees expressed their gratitude for organizing the much-needed training for them and hoped that with this they would show marked improvement in service delivery, better taste and hygiene quality of their food, which will ultimately be instrumental in ensuring their share in tourism market. The concluding ceremony, which was attended by officials from AKRSP and CAMAT, culminated with a vote of thanks from Chitral Association for Mountain Area Tourism (CAMAT) for considering the extremely needed intervention in improving cooking skills amongst the youths.—GH Farooqui]]>

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  1. I am glad, good work, this should continue but its high time to state the facts correctly. AKRSP finances it, PTDC provides the space and trainer to do the job but where does CAMAT come in all this. Its time for CAMAT to get of such Basakis and ( itself ) do something commendable. Sohail Khan

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