Students ask politicians to become bastion of true democracy

CHITRAL, Aug 12: An inter AKHSS English speech competition was held at the AKHSS Kuragh on Tuesday. In all, seven students participated in the competition – four from AKHSS Seenlasht and three from AKHSS Kuragh – both from SSC and HSSC level. In order to ensure a fair and transparent judgment of the students’ speech delivery, Mr. Khalid Pervez and Mr. Arif Iqbal, Lecturers in English at Govt. Degree College Booni were invited to serve as external judges. The students eloquently poured out their hearts to the gathering present, regarding the topic, ‘Today’s Pakistan, the nightmare of our own creation’. By logically holding the supreme leadership, the coalition government and every mature citizen in his or her capacity, responsible for reducing Pakistan to a disarrayed and directionless muddle with corruption, violence and lawlessness going unpunished, they enlightened the audience and provoked their thoughts too. The speakers provided the actual statistics of the consequences of the malpractices in our country ranging from people living below poverty line to illiteracy percentage, to loadshedding hours to the rate of many other unpleasant cases. With these details though they set the overall atmosphere in a grim tone, they balanced it with their proposed solutions. Not only did they enter into inevitable criticism of the ruling class, rather than singing of sham optimism, but also hurled the blame at their own selves too. Through their speeches they urged the politicians to be the true bastion of real democracy and insisted on the educated youth to rise above their circumstances and work with determination and dedication for their homeland’s honoured image and lasting existence. After absorbing all these when the judges announced the results, it was AKHSS Kuragh that outshined. In the HSSC level Usra Shaukat daughter of Shaukat Ali from Brep village took the first position while Shujaat Ali Khan of AKHSS Seenlasht , son of Allah Dad of village Chunj stood second. In the SSC level Fahima Baig daughter of Bairam Baig from Kuragh bagged the first position and Nida Sultan daughter of Sultan Zareen from Brep stood second whereas Adnan Ali of Seenlasht School, son of Gulamas from village Madaklasht contented himself with the third position. One of the judges, Mr. Arif Iqbal , while expressing his views ,appreciated the school’s efforts backing the students’ brilliant performance. He admired all the participants’ confidence and powerful expression and stressed on the importance of being practical in daily life. The program ended with the concluding remarks and appreciation of the Principal of AKHSS Kuragh, Mrs. Sultana Burhan uddin. While congratulating all the participants she encouraged them to perform further better. She impressed on them to be a responsible citizen and begin from a change in themselves to contribute to their country’s prosperity.  ]]>

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