Chitral without district engineer

CHITRAL, July 3 A senior level technical post in the District Council department has bene laying vacant for the last many months. Chitral is the largest district of KP covering almost 21 % of the province. The favorable season for any developmental and construction work always remained less due to harsh weather conditions but the main executing agency of local government and rural development, the District Council, was without its District Engineer which had very badly affected the developmental sector. Recently the District Engineer of Upper Dir has been given dual charges of District Engineer Chitral which was surprising as well as frustrating decision of provincial government. Developmental work need constant monitoring and to complete other paper work this high ranking officer needed to be placed in Chitral which was always hard area but how can officer sitting in Dir would manage to look after two district, only Chitral having 14850 sq kms. Public circles have demanded the provincial government to permanently appoint office for Chitral and if it was not possible for time being than local engineer of the same department should be given charges of District Engineer. This would speed up work and files would not wait officer coming from Dir.–K.A. Jamil]]>

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