EDO female restored

ISLAMABAD, June 19: The KP education department on Thursday took a U-turn and restored Zohra Jalal on the post of district education officer (female) Chitral. Through a notification issued on May 28, the department had made the DEO as an officer on special duty (OSD).]]>

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  1. It is a shameful act of PTI to restore an inefficient and corrupt officer on the post she did not qualify for as she is grade 18 officer and the DEO,post is of 19.

  2. Although, Madam Zohra Jalal is efficient officer and seasoned educationist and completely committed to her job and official duty but sudden making her OSD and then restoration within no time reflects that how PTI government is mature in taking decision? If PTI chief Imran Khan become PM of Pakistan how can he manage thorny issues of governance at national level. Before PTI government Maulana Fazlu Rahman said that handing over government to the man like Imran Khan and his immature team will be a mockery of governance which we are witnessing this time. If one analyse the maturity level of Provincial Government of PTI then the only case of DEO education is enough to give conclusion about the whole government and its vision about reform in government department.

  3. It is a meritocratic decision!!!! Now brush the other end of the rope…… why she was made OSD? And the culprit(s) should brought into lame-light.

  4. Congratulations to Madam Zohra.We are proud of u.Take ur services to the zenith.At Last the pseudo-justice party-PTI- did its first ever justice.

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