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Committee probing cutting of green trees in Chitral

ISLAMABAD, June 18: The KP government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has formed a three-member committee to investigate an allegation that the party’s Chitral president, Abdul Latif, had illegally cut green trees and was fined over Rs.400 million. fazalTalking to ChitralToday on phone from Peshawar, Fazal Elahi, the PTI member provincial assembly and parliamentary secretary for forests and environment, stated that without their political status all those found involved in illegal cutting of trees would be dealt with an iron hand.“No matter whether it’s Fazal Elahi or Abdul Latif, anyone found involved in such anti-environment activities such as cutting of green trees and that too despite having responsible political positions, will not be allowed to misuse the platform of the PTI,” he maintained. He said the alleged involvement of Mr Latif along with a local contractor Muhammad Khan in illegal cutting of green trees was already in his notice and he had formed a committee, comprising Shaukat Hayat, DFO Chitral; Shahid Hayat, DFO Abbottabad, and Shaukat Yousufzai, the KP additional secretary environment. The committee has been tasked to probe into the allegations without any fear and favour. “The inquiry has almost been completed and I’m going to issue directives that he [Mr Latif] should be told to pay the fine immediately or be ready to go behind bars. This is what I’m going to do against all those people, including Mr Latif, if they are found guilty of involvement in anti-environment activities,” he added. When he was told that MPA Fozia Bibi was allegedly trying to get the Rs400 penalty waived or reduced substantially, Mr Elahi remarked: “Let her do whatever she likes but as long Fazal Elahi is here no power can save such people.” He said PTI chairman Imran Khan had clear directives to protect the environment and forest in the province, adding he, as an ideological party worker, would implement the directives of his leader Imran Khan in letter and spirit. “No matter how influential you are but as long as I’m here nobody can save anyone guilt of such activities and the recent case in Chitral is a test case for the party and I’ll prove how serious our party is about the environment and forest.” He further stated that he was the man who went to the jungles of Kohistan waving his Kalashnikov on his shoulder when he was told that a mafia was involved in illegal cutting of the trees, adding the day is not far when the jungles in Chitral will be completely safe free from the clutches of timber mafia. The parliamentary secretary especially mentioned his recent trip to Chitral during which he announced to abolish the joint forest management committees in the district, and thanked the people of the valley for their hospitality.  ]]>

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  1. Nasir Mehmood says

    The inquiry is already complete, and PTI Chitral head Mr. Latif should be punished without showing any mercy on him on the basis of his links with ruling party. He should be made an example as it has been proved that Mr. Latif is involved in green cutting which is regarded as heinous crime under international law. If further committee is formed then the matter will be postponed and the accused will get a way out of the lope. He should be punished without forming further inquiry committee because his crime are extremely grievous.

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