Bold steps against corruption welcomed

The government of KP led by Chief Minister Pervez Khattak took some bold steps for eradication of corruption in the province, especially in Chitral, which are welcomed by all and sundry. In the previous ANP government which broke all records of corruption in the province, some developmental infrastructure projects were initiated in Chitral which are siphoned off by contractors in collaboration with the officials of concerned departments especially C&W, Public Health and TMA etc. People of Matuj and Torkhow are publicly denouncing government departments which gave free hands to the contractors, especially in case of Mastuj and Torkhow road black-toppings and other projects and the contractors got the entire funds of the project without developing a single inch in the project work. We strongly support any step taken by government for recovery of these amount from concern contractors and officials of the concern departments which gave free hands to the contractors. Strict and exemplary punishment should be given to the people who embezzled scarce resources of the government without completion a single project in the area. We request government to give attention towards lack-luster development in case of By-Pass road and Mulan Gole Bridge which are causing serious inconvenience for general public. General Public expect and demand strict and severe punitive action against those contractors and government officials which intentionally embezzled government exchequer for their personal interest.—Abdul Nasir]]>

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