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A village devoid of basic facilities

CHITRAL, May 27:  The residents of Upper Chitral’s Zizdi and Kusham Bala villages remain deprived of the basic facilities of education, healthcare, roads, irrigation and drinking water. bridge copyIn this modern era of information technology, these people are compelled to use canal water for drinking purposes. A sum of  Rs. 400,000 were sanctioned for  the construction of an irrigation water tank but it has been left incomplete. Some girl students of the area told ChitralToday that there was only one teacher in their school and the other two teachers remained absent.  A girl who is studding in Peshawar spoke in Pashto and said she had come home but there was no clean drinking water, nor other facilities in her village. A public meeting was held in Zizdi village under the chair of MPA Sardar Hussain. Speakers on the occasion said the girls were compelled to get education in boys’ schools which was against their culture. They demanded truck-able road to the Zizdi village. As the area is dependent on agriculture, a veterinary hospital should also be set up in the village besides the up-gradation  of the middle school to the high level. Speaking on the occasion, the MPA assured the public of his full support for the solution of their problems and announced the establishment of a vocational training centre for the women of the area. 140 Israruddin of Kusham Bala said the contractor had left the water on the construction of the water tank on land. Sardar Wali and others said more than 300 girls were studying in the new school building which had only two classrooms. A wooden bridge has been constructed on Chitral River but there is no fence on river side nor any protection wall to save the vehicles from plunging into the water.  ]]>

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