Quaid's motto and our sluggish working habits

DROSH, May 13: The founder of Pakistan said: “work, work and work” because this is the only key to success in life. Pakistan-Muslim-League-Quaid1-480x238But here in our country we only work five days per week that too half-heartedly and not with commitment. If a nation wastes three precious days on a weekly basis how can it compete with others in 21st century’s globalized world? In our country, the government announced two off days in a week – Saturday and Sunday – while in case of Friday majority of the offices remain closed after 12. Markets remain closed completely on Fridays based on the old tradition. In case of Saturday, banks and some government offices also remain closed which result in serious problems for the business community and common man. We have practiced this tradition for the last five years but no tangible result is achieved by remaining idle for three consecutive days. When the previous PPP government introduced this plan it did that for saving energy and reducing loadshedding, but both of the objectives were not realized after five years. The present government has not reconsidered this issue for the last one year that how much economically we lose due to 5 days week. Economically, especially in terms of GDP growth, less working results in less output and less income. Another problem with these holidays is that it is selective and some offices carry out the practice while others enjoy the holiday which further aggravates the situation. Judiciary, education and health department are not in the loop of the holiday while business sectors like banks and other institutions remain closed which further slows down the economic growth in the country. The Prime Minister should reconsider the five-day week and issue immediate directive for abolishing the Saturday holiday with immediate effect. Chain of holidays seriously affect economic activities especially closing of banks result serious problems for business community. As business community usually observes holiday on Friday, banks remain closed on Saturdays and Sundays. It means business activities remain disconnected for three days on a weekly basis.  ]]>

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