Why all these injustices with a tiny village?

Report Karim Ullah

CHITRAL, April 26: The residents of Nisur Gol, about 10 kilometers south of Mastuj, are still deprived of the facility of electricity.

nisur2Though electricity from the Reshun powerhouse has been supplied up to Kargin village, about 20 km north of Mastuj, the residents of Nisur Gol have been kept deprived of the facility. Some of the residents of the village, which consists of about 15 homes, said in 2006 the then nazim of union council Charun Amirullah had managed to provide 50 electricity poles for the village. However, some influential people of the area in collusion with the resident engineer (RE) of the powerhouse distributed the poles among their favourites and relatives. Later, the villagers managed wooden poles and bought wires on their own to get electricity but with the passage of time these wooden poles either fell down or became dangerous for the people. If these wooden poles are not changed with steel pylons, it would pose threat to the lives of the villagers as they have been installed in the middles of agricultural fields and near houses. The residents also said that about four years back five steel pylons had been given to the village but so far wires have not been installed on them.nisur The residents said that MPA Sardar Hussain during his election campaign had visited the village and was apprised of the issue being faced by its dwellers. They expressed the hope that the MPA would take up the issues on a priority basis and resolve them. They also regretted that some people were getting funds in the name of development works in the Nisur Gol village and the authorities concerned should probe the matter and take action against all those who misused the funds.  ]]>

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