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Drosh residents demand opening of Lowari Top road

DROSH, April 27: Social and political circles of Drosh town have demanded the federal and provincial government as well as the high-ups of the Army to immediately take notice of the deliberate delay in clearance of Lowari Top road. lowariIn a meeting in Drosh on Sunday, the social and political circles said it was expected that the Lowari top road would be cleared by the middle of March as there was less snow but astonishingly it took much time and by the end of April the road is still closed which maximizes the miseries of Chitrali people. The people of Chitral have been facing hardship and humiliation at the Lowari tunnel. Besides, basic commodities were also not available in the local markets, a resolution passed at the meeting added. The resolution demanded that the road should be cleared by May 1 otherwise the people of Drosh would stage strong protests. It has also been said the NHA and the concerned contractors were waiting for the natural melting of snow so that the allocated amount could go to some one’s pocket. It is worthy to mention that last year too the Lowari road was cleared in the month of June when most of the snow was melted naturally.–K.A. Jamil]]>

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