Know your artists — another initiative to explore Chitral

CHITRAL, Feb 20: In yet another attempt to explore Chitral and its people, ChitralToday is launching a new series of write-ups on the artists, poets and other literary personalities of the valley. 

Chitral has always been gifted with curious and able minds having abundance of potentials to excel in all fields of life. When we look at the Khowar poetry it shows how our poets had a universal outlook and vision even hundreds of years back despite acute geographical, educational and other limitations.

There are hundreds of people, many of them not highly educated, who have spent their whole life to preserve and promote the rich Khowar language, culture and traditions.

Our new initiative, “Know your artists” will try to explore the beautiful people who in any way or shape work for the promotion and preservation of the Khowar language and Kho culture and traditions.

If you know any poet, writer, folk story teller, singer or other artist, write about them and share the details of their life and work with our readers. Write-ups can be sent at

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