Supreme Court takes suo motu notice of Taliban threat to Ismailis

ISLAMABAD, Feb 20: The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Thursday sprung into action to protect the peaceful Ismaili Muslims of Chitral and the Kalash tribe against threat issued to them by the outlawed Taliban.   

Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Tasaduq Hussain Jilani took suo motu notice of a video released by Taliban in which they threatened to launch an armed struggle against Ismailis and the Kalash community Chitral valley on Feb 2, calling upon the Sunnis of the area to support their cause.

Resuming the hearing of the case at 11:30am, Justice Jilani remarked that the constitution of Pakistan strictly prohibits forcible conversion, adding no one is allowed to force the people to change their religion at gunpoint. He said that pressing a non-Muslim to change his/her religion is neither allowed under the constitution nor religion permits it, adding no one should be pressured to stop practicing their religious rituals.

Justice Jilani further observed that protecting the religious rights of minorities is the prime responsibility of the government and in failing to do so, the state will not be fulfilling its constitutional obligation. The advocate-general Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Lateef Yousafzai told the bench that the Kalash valley is close to Nooristan province of Afghanistan due to which they receive threats from across the border and there was no such problem in Chitral to either of these communities.

To a question raised by the chief justice whether the authorities had taken any measure to tighten security after the threats to the communities, the advocate-general could not come up with any satisfactory answer. This prompted the top judge to say that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance while the terrorists want to impose their brand of religion, which in no way is acceptable to the Islamic state of Pakistan.

Justice Jilani regretted that the militants had threatened the Ismaili Muslims and the Kalash to face death or convert, which is not only ultra-constitutional but negates the very spirit of Islam.  

The CJP directed the advocate-general to bring the issue to the notice of the federal government and apprise the court what practical steps have so far been taken to protect the people as security to the people, threatened by the Taliban fugitives.

The bench also directed Yousufzai to submit a detailed report about the measures taken by the provincial government as well as the district administration in the aftermath of the threatening video released by the militants.

6 Replies to “Supreme Court takes suo motu notice of Taliban threat to Ismailis”

  1. THIS is apropos the news item ‘Taliban threaten Ismailis, Chitrali tribe’ (Feb 13) wherein the Taliban have announced an armed struggle against Ismaili Muslims in the Chitral valley. In a video they have also asked Sunnis to support their cause. What a shameful, disgraceful and dishonorable message conveyed. The Ismailis are one of the most peaceful and nonviolent communities.
    The community’s contribution in the independence movement of Pakistan is known to all. Their spiritual leader Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah Aga Khan III was the founding father of the All-India Muslim League, and its first president.
    Aga Khan, throughout his life, advocated the cause of Muslims in the world forums, and represented India in the League of Nations, serving as its president from 1937 to 1938. He was a close companion of the Quaid-i-Azam who always sought his advice on various issues.
    After the independence of Pakistan, when the exchequer of Pakistan was empty to such an extent that even it seemed to be difficult to pay monthly wages of government employees, Aga Khan came to the rescue and arranged the amount.
    The present spiritual leader, Prince Karim Aga Khan, has helped in many ways and several charitable organisations are working under his patronage for the poor, irrespective of caste or community.
    The armed struggle by the Taliban against Ismailis is a threat to the very foundation of Pakistan. It is a threat to those who are one of the most patriotic citizens.
    It is beyond imagination why such a peace-loving and patriotic community got a threat. What is their fault? I am not an Ismaili. I am a Sunni but I condemn in strongest possible words. I expect the same from all peace-loving citizens of the country.
    Aamir Aqil
    (Published in Dawn).

  2. The fact is that the supporters of Taliban are Taliban themselves. The militants of Pakistan are the product of religio-political parties, the core opponents of the Ideology of Pakistan. These parties had deadly opposed the Pakistan Movement and the Quaid-e-Azam. Now they are acting as democratic political parties while eating the very roots of our country through their terrorist groups. The recent statements of Jamaat-e-Islami chief Munawer Hassan are the proofs of their anti- Pakistan stance. Declaring a terrorist as martyr and denying the martyrdom of the jawans of the security forces is enough to ban the party and initiate treason cases against Munawer Hassan. But, it is an irony that Nawaz Sharif government took no notice of that open act of treason. As it is said, PML-N government has signed a pact with terrorists and therefore is unable to order a military operation against these anti-Pakistan elements. None of these leaders or party heads has condemned the genocide of innocent citizens and security personnel. Instead they cry with full throat when the security forces come in action.This is an open hypocracy and treason for which they deserve trial. Moreover, the madrasas should be nationalized so that their militant designs could be curbed. Otherwise, we will be breading half read mullas and terror groups, for ever.

  3. Chitraltoday’s is a balanced an correct reporting.
    The video is not fake. The tragedy is that we have supporter of the Taliban who are ready to defend their brutal acts. Some of the religious political parties did not say a word when the Taliban killed 23 soldiers of FC, but the other day when Pak air force carried out surgical strikes, these parties condemned it. The issue is not only there are Talibans who are ready to kill people but also that there are people who are ready to justify this killing.

  4. Both the Nawaz and Imran governments seem to be showing leniency toward Talbian. The protests of the PTI against Drone attacks on the terrorist hideouts and military action is an ample proof to this assumption. We are being made subject to foreign terrorists, Uzbuks, Chichens etc. Is it not strange that our Provincial and Federal governments are bent to have dialogue with people who do not accept even Law of the land? Is it not true that our country has been made hostage in the hands of these outlaws?
    We don’t have confidence in these governments. We look to the Army for the security of the peaceful citizens of our country. Only the military can alleviate these anti-Pakistan elements.

  5. @Muhammad Khan: How can you become a spokesman for the Taliban and deny their terror acts. A threat is a threat old or new. So far the Taliban have not announced to withdraw their threat issued to the Ismailis and Kalash of Chitral. Sympathizers of Taliban have started shouting that the video is outdated and old and I am surprised how they take it so lightly.

  6. This is not correct all are being misled on a fake and outdated video. There is no such threat to any group in Chitral, Ismailis and the Kalash included.

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