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Yarkhun residents launch movement for their rights

MASTUJ, Feb 2: The people of Yarkhun have formed an organization to struggle for the attainment of their rights which have been denied to them by successive governments. yarkhun copyThe establishment of Tehreek-e-Huqooq Yarkhun (the Movement for the Rights of Yarkhun) was formally announced at a public meeting held in Bang village. People from all villages from Brep to Broghil attended the meeting. On this occasion, former nazim of Yarkhun union council, Muhammad Wazir Khan, was named as the president and Abdul Nasir of Bang as the general secretary of the organization. Besides, two persons from each village from Brep to Broghil were included in the executive body of the Tehreek. Talking to ChitralToday on phone from Mastuj, Abdul Nasir said the people of the valley were very disappointed on the attitude of the successive governments towards the backward valley. They said even public representatives had deceived the area people after winning elections on their votes. He said the youth of the area were in the forefront of the Tehreek and they had decided to launch a fully-fledged movement for ensuring all the basic rights for the people. He said in the modern era, there was even no dispensary in the whole Yarkhun valley and in case of an emergency the residents had to rush their patients to the Chitral town, Mastuj or Booni. Not everyone can afford the transportation cost of reaching a hospital because the valley is located hundreds of kilometers from the town areas. Besides, there is no communication system and despite repeated demands the authorities concerned have not installed wireless loop telephones in the area. Moreover, the supply of wheat to the sale points of Yarkhun has been stopped and the constructor after a gap of about two months is selling the commodity on roads without weighing it. yarkhun2 copyIt seems there is no rule of law and no government authority to make the contractor and officials of the food department accountable, he added. Mr Nasir said that the people of the valley would hold a public gathering in Brep on February 5 to announce their future line action. He added that if the government departments continued the discrimination against the people of the valley, we will launch a decisive movement to get our rights.  ]]>

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  1. Hameed Sangal says

    I remember a similar movement launched by the ex Tehsil Nazim Sikendarul Mulk just before the last elections and the result was that he made a mockery of himself in his area. This time I suppose it is a mock exercise for the preparations of the forthcoming local body elections. My request to the people of Yarkhun is to vote wisely and choose able and educated people in the upcoming elections. Otherwise the stigma of Rela (wheel barrows) will continue haunting them in the years to come.

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