MNA, MPA ignoring Ayun, says Shahzada Aman

AYUN, Oct 29: Shahzada Amanur Rehman, who contested the 2013 election for the provincial assembly seat of lower Chitral, criticized the elected representatives of the area for their apathy towards the resolution of public issues. Speaking at a function held to administer oath to the new office-bearers of Tanzeem Nawjawanan Muldeh Ayun, he said he would make efforts to resolve some of the issues of the area people, including shortage of drinking water and repair of the broken down roads, utilizing his own resources. Shahzada Aman expressed disappointment over the fact that MNA Shahzada Iftikharuddin was ignoring the public issues of the area, especially the repair of the Ayun bridge. He was also surprised why Shahzada Masoodul Mulk, the CEO of the SRSP, never took interest in getting the issues of Moldeh resolved. Shazada Aman thanked the people of the area for expressing their full confidence in him during the May 11 election.–Syed Nazir Hussain]]>

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  1. Can Shahzada Aman ur Rehman describe the problems of Muldeh Ayun?? It would be nice for a Muldehchi to hear that because everyone describes our problems from what he hears and never listening to the people. So can he share his wisdom.

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