Murder not suicide: man arrested for allegedly killing wife

CHITRAL, Sept 4: The reported suicide of a woman in Booni has turned out to be murder in the hands of husband.

The police said that the husband allegedly killed his wife and threw her chopped body into the river and later complained to the police that she had committed suicide by jumping into the river.

Police spokesman Inspector Buzurguddin said two weeks back Rahmat Azam of Booni village reported to the local police station that his wife had committed suicide by jumping into the river.

He said that the local police started an inquiry during which it transpired that the woman had not committed suicide but she had been murdered. Her body was chopped into pieces and then thrown into the water.

The recovery of two legs of the woman from the river corroborated the fact that she was killed and thrown into the water, Chitral police spokesman Buzurguddin

The younger brother of the deceased, Sardar Wali, had also filed an application with the police that his sister had strained relations with her in-laws and husband who had murdered her. The police registered a case against Rahmat Azam under section 302 of PPC and arrested him and have taken his remand from the local court.–Zahiruddin  

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