90 days of PTI govt in KP and its promises

During the election campaign and subsequent press conferences, PTI Chairman Imran Khan outspokenly claimed that if his party won the election it would eradicate corruption in the whole country within 90 days. It was regarded as an ambitious claim by rational analysts but the public at large had strong belief on the claim and was optimist about the milestone initiative of the party to purge the country of the menace of corruption which is the single enemy making Pakistan weaker with each passing day. After the election, the PTI clinched a majority in KP and formed a government and Nawaz Sharif also showed magnanimity in giving a free hand to the PTI for formation of its government in the province. Had Nawaz Sharif aligned his party with JUI (F) and also motivated some independent members, the formation of the PTI government in KP would not have been possible. But all the credit goes to Nawaz Sharif that he fully supported the PTI for the formation of its government in spite of resistance from JUI (F) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman. Voters were also happy with the new government in the PTI because it was a new party with a new manifesto along with excessive zest and zeal and having strong programme agenda for eradication of corruption in the KP which was ranked the highest corrupt province by Transparency International during the era of the last ANP and PPP coalition government. After listening to the PTI chief press conference on TV channels, people of Chitral were very happy that the present government will bring some sort of reform in elimination of corruption in KP, especially in Chitral. But all the hopes of the Chaitrali people stand  shattered after 90 days of PTI government because still no tangible step has been taken to show that the government is doing some reforms in order to control corruption. Before going into detail, some major problems of Chitral are mentioned here. 1. Former Chief Minister KP Amir Hider Khan Hoti had announced a big chunk of funds for reconstruction and repair of Chitral Town areas link roads in his inaugural speech of Abdual Wali Khan University Chitral campus. Still Chitral town area link roads are in a dilapidated condition. People of Chitral town want to know whether the funds as promised by the former CM are released because repair and reconstruction of the roads has not been made so far. 2. People of Chitral especially town area are fed up with the bypass road project. In the initial stage, a large number of businesses was disturbed in Klup Risht area by forcible demolition of shops. After demolishing the business centres of the people, rendering many unemployed the government could not start work on the project. 3. Government was not happy with its initiative of making jobless the local people in the initial stage of bypass road construction but wanted to make more people unemployed in the second phase of the project. Demolition of people shops is in full swing in polo ground area which will make many other people unemployed and after demolition of shops no progress will be made in the project like past practice of phase one. We want to ask government that its responsibility is to provide job opportunities for people why anti people policies are being adopted in case of Chitral? Why demolition of shop started in second phase of the project before completion and blacktopping of first phase? Why huge building of NBA demolished while no sign of road construction has been started in that area even passage of one year where NBP building was standing? Is government has belief in destruction rather than construction or providing congenial business opportunities for public.  If by-pass road project dilemma is not solved by PTI government within short time period it will create serious wave of despondency among the people of Chitral because entire population of Chitral is suffering from this project directly or indirectly and they do not have more patience to suffer further delay in the project 4. People of Chitral were in high hope that within 90 days even by-pass road dilemma will be solved by PTI government but all their hopes ended in smoke in first three months of present government in the province of KP. As last resort business community, general public and all segment of society request Chief Minister KP honorable Pervez Khatak to take serious notice of by-pass road problem which has made life of people miserable. Whole project area is in shamble, movement of traffic in the project area creating such nuisance for general public which is not expressed in words and dust of the incomplete road create enormous environmental problem and health hazard for people and especially school going children. To further disturb public and traffic movement Mulan Gole road has been destroyed by respective contractor and there is no work started on the project even after lapse of four moths. District administration is also silent on the matter and does not bother to ask C&W Department that if they do not have funds for construction of Mulan Gole bridge or other technical problem exists in the project why existing road is being destroyed and why the respective contractor has not been directed to complete the project within short span of time which result serious inconvenience for public and traffic movement. In the whole circumstance it seems that district administration and C&W department are intentionally teasing general public by ill planning and destructing existing infrastructure without any tangible step towards completion of the project. Again we request Chief Minister KP to take notice of the situation until general public will take the law in their own hand and it would be too late to control the situation as people level of patience is at the point of exhaust. Condition of the temporary road developed at Mulan Gol is in worse condition and there is always risk of accident and who will take the responsibility if accident takes place in this road? Contractor, C&W Department or District Administration. Abdul Nasir, Human rights activist Jughoor, Chitral Sept 5, 2013]]>

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