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Drosh: One week’s deadline to shut cable TV network

DROSH, July 13: On the call of JUI-F Drosh chapter, different religious and political groupings in Drosh have given the district administration one week to remove TV cables in the town.

The meeting held with Maulana Musharraf Khan in the chair discussed the ‘destructive impact’ of the un-Islamic practice of TV cable network which it said was leading to obscenity and vulgarity in the area, badly affecting the youth.

The meeting said that in the past too on the call of the Muslims of the town the then local government had imposed a ban on the cable TV network but the current administration seemed oblivious to the sentiments and demands of the Muslims and has surrendered to a small group of people who want to spread vulgarity against the values of Islam in the town by spreading the network of cable.

The meeting was of the view that on the demand of the local residents the Ulema of the town had already issued a fatwa against TV cable network. They said the cable network had been launched without taking security clearance from the agencies concerned.

The participants passed a resolution and warned the government that if the TV cables were not removed within a week in parts of Drosh, the Muslims themselves would remove them and the government would be responsible for any untoward incident.—S. Nazir Hussain

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  1. Manzoor Ali says

    They consider cable is a threat to their already blooming Dish TV business in Chitral. All the business of Dish TV is in the hand of these so-called custodians of Deen. That’s why they are against it otherwise in the presence of DCO and all political parties of the district it was agreed that only limited channels will be broadcast through cable network…and they already gave their consent…..and now they are again protesting… this is ridiculous.

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