PTI activists protest power outages in Drosh

DROSH, June 24: The activists of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) youth wing on Monday staged a protest sit-in at Drosh bazaar against the dilapidated condition of Shishi powerhouse and shortage of electricity in the Drosh town. The protesters were led by PTI district leaders Haji Sultan Mohammad and Razit Billah. A large number of people from the town participated in the protest. They demanded that the provincial government should hand over the Shishi powerhouse to SHYDO to ensure its maintenance and power supply to the area. The protesters said that the Hydrotech company had failed to run the powerhouse. They also demanded that a judicial inquiry should be held into the poor management of the Shishi powerhouse. Addressing the protesters on phone form Peshawar, PTI leader Shaukat Yousufzai promised that the provincial government would resolve the issue and call the officials concerned to inquire about the poor working of the powerhouse. The organizers of the protest sit-in said that they had conveyed the issue to the leadership of the PTI which was in power in the province and hopefully the electricity issue would be resolved very soon.—Jahan Zeb Khan  ]]>

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