Karachi couple reaches Chitral to save life

CHITRAL, May 1: A newly married couple hailing from Karachi has demanded of the chief justice of Pakistan to provide them protection as they were facing life threats from a gangster in Karachi who is relative of the girl. After solemnising their marriage in a local court here, Ahmed Ali Baloch, a resident of Gulshan Jadeed, Karachi, along with his wife Sakina Baloch, told journalists in the press club they came to Chitral in search of peace. Mr Baloch said Sakina was engaged to him last year and they were to marry after forthcoming Eidul Fitr on the return from Dubai of the girl’s father. But, he said Skina constantly faced threats from a relative, Mohammad Ali alias Baba.–Zahiruddin]]>

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  1. Not all Chitral is safe. They should be kept in a really safe place within Chitral and the couple should change their locations repeatedly. Their enemies may follow them up to Chitral. It is a matter of life of two individuals who are guests in our area. The local elders should think about it.

  2. Dear Ahmed Baloch and Sakina welcome its safe and peaceful place for honymoon and you just will be feeling very well specially in this pleasant weather of Chitral. Enjoy yourself no one can distrub your life. Feel safe and secure this your own country, Pakistan.

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