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M. Hakim, Salim and Sardar Hussain PPP candidates

PESHAWAR, March 25: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) on Monday announced the names of its candidates for NA-32 and PK-89 Chitral-1. However, it failed to agree on any candidate for PK-90 Chitral-II on March 25 and allotted the ticket to Syed Sardar Hussain on March 26. pppFor the National Assembly seat of Chitral (NA-32), Mohammad Hakim Khan will be the candidate of the PPP while former minister Salim Khan has been given ticket for PK-89 Chitral-I. Addressing a press conference in Peshawar, PPP provincial information secretary Liaquat Shabab announced the names of 26 candidates for National Assembly seats out of the total 35 seats in the province. Likewise, he announced the names of 77 candidates for provincial assembly seats out of the total 99 seats in the province. PPP candidates for National Assembly include Arbab Alamgir Khan for NA-2 Peshawar-2, Noor Alam Khan for NA-3 Peshawar-3, Misbahuddin for NA-4 Peshawar-4, Eng Mohammad Tariq Khattak for NA-5 Nowshera-1, Liaquat Ali Shah Gilani for NA-6 Nowshera-2, Khanimullah for NA-7 Charsadda-1, Wasifullah Khan for NA-8 Charsadda-2, Shazia Aurangzeb for NA-9 Mardan-1, Abdul Qadir Khan for NA-10 Mardan-2, Khanzada Khan for NA-11 Mardan-3, Gohar Ali Inqilabi for NA-12 Swabi-1, Mohammad Naeem Khan for NA-13 Swabi-2, Pir Dilawar Shah for NA-14 Kohat, Shahjehan Khattak for NA-15 Karak, Ahmed Hussain Shah for NA-20 Mansehra, Faisal Karim Kundi for NA-24 Dera Ismail Khan, Anwar Saifullah Khan for NA-26 Bannu, Hamayun Saifullah Khan for NA-27 Lakki Marwat, Bahadar Khan for NA-28 Buner, Syed Allaudin for NA-30 Swat-2, Eng Hamid Iqbal Khan for NA-31 Shangla, Mohammad Hakim Khan for NA-32 Chitral, Najamuddin Khan for NA-33 Upper Dir, Malik Azmat for NA-34 Lower Dir and Lal Mohammad Khan for NA-35 Malakand. The candidates, who were allotted tickets for provincial assembly, include Mohammad Akbar Khan Safi for PK-I Peshawar-I, Syed Zahir Ali Shah for PK-2 Peshawar-II, Haji Iqbal Khan Mohmand for PK-3 Peshawar-III, Kifayatullah Khan Orakzai for PK-4 Peshawar-IV, Arbab Alamgir for PK-5 Peshawar-V, Ishfaq Khalil for PK-6 Peshawar-VI, Karamatullah Khah Chagharmatti for PK-7 Peshawar-VII, Malik Tamash Khan for PK-8 Peshawar-VIII, Iftikhar Ahmed Khan Jhagra for PK-9 Peshawar-IX, Ghazanfar Ali for PK-10 Peshawar-X and Misbahuddin for PK-11 Peshawar-XI. The names of other candidates of PPP are: Syed Iftikhar Ali Shah for PK-12 Nowshera-I, Mian Yahya Shah Kakakhel for PK-13 Nowshera-II, Liaquat Ali Shabab for PK-14 Nowshera-III, Maj Baseer Ahmed Khattak for PK-15 Nowshera-IV, Rahim Shah Kakakhel for PK-16 Nowshera-V, Qaiser Jamal Hashtnagri for PK-17 Charsadda-1, Taimur Khan Khattak for PK-18 Cahrsadda-II, Naeem Khan Umerzai for PK-19 Charsadda-III, Ameer Nawaz Tangi for PK-20 Charsadda-IV, Mian Arifullah Kakakhel for PK-21 Charsadda, Haji Asadullah Mirzai for PK-22 Charsadda-VI, Khan Ghawas for PK-23 Mardan-I, Abdus Samad Khan Toru for PK-24 Mardan-II, Zeshan Khanzada for PK-25 Mardan-III, Sher Afghan Khan PK-26 Mardan-IV, Asad Khan PK-27 Mardan-V, Mohammad Ashraf Khan PK-28 Mardan-VI, Abdul Akbar Khan PK-29 Mardan-VII, Imtiaz Shahgai PK-30 Mardan-VIII, Maj (retired) Fida PK-31 Swabi-I, Umar Farooq Khan PK-32 Swabi-II, Arsala Khan PK-33 Swabi-III, Mohammad Naeem PK-34 Swabi-IV, Khanzada Abdul Qadoos PK-35 Swabi-V, Syed Qalb Hassan PK-38 Kohat-II, Pir Adil Shah PK-39 Kohat-III, Haji Sardar PK-40 Karak-I, Jehanzeb Khan PK-41 Karak-II, Shamroze Khan Jadoon PK-44 Abbottabad-I, Sardar Ghazanfar Ali Abbasi PK-45 Abbottabd-II, Dr Qazi Adnan Bashir PK-46 Abbottabad-III, Sardar Sher Afzal PK-47 Abbottabad-IV, Salik Akhtar Awan PK-49 Haripur-I, Tahir Qureshi PK-50 Haripur-II, Mohammad Shuja Khan PK-52 Haripur-IV, Syed Ahmed Hussain Shah PK-54 Mansehra-II, Mazhar Ali Khan Alizai PK-64 D.I. Khan-I, Hizbullah Khan Gandapur PK-67 D.I. Khan-IV, Shaukat Shah Bukhari PK-68 D.I. Khan-V, Fakhr Azam Khan PK-71 Bannu-II, Shoaib Khan PK-72 Bannu-III, Pashtunyar Khan PK-73 Bannu-IV, Anwar Saifullah Khan PK-74 Lakki Marwat-I, Hamayun Saifullah Khan PK-75 Lakki Marwat-II, Saifullah Khan PK-77 Buner-I, Bakhrad Khan PK-78 Buner-II, Israr Ahmed Khan PK-79 Buner-III, Fazl Hayat Chattan PK-81 Swat-II, Najibullah Khan PK-83 Swat-IV, Said Akbar PK-84 Swat-V, Malik Khurshid PK-85 Swat-VI, Mohammad Shahi Khan PK-86 Swat-VII, Dr Afsarul Mulk Khan PK-87 Shanlga-I, Bakht Zaman Khan PK-88 Shangla-II, Saleem Khan PK-89 Chitral-I, Shakirullah PK-91 Upper Dir-I, Malik Badshah Saleh PK-92 Upper Dir-II, Sahibzada Sanaullah PK-93 Upper Dir, Nawabzada Mehmood Zeb Khan PK-94 Lower Dir-I, Rehmatullah PK-95 Lower Dir-II, Mohammad Zamin Khan PK-96 Lower Dir-III, Dr Zakirullah Khan PK-97 Lower Dir-IV, Syed Mohammad Ali Shah Bacha PK-98 Malakand-I and Mohammad Hamayun Khan for PK-99 Malakand-II.]]>

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  1. Sam Sam Ali Raza Advocate says

    I highly appreciate the decision of the provincial leaders of the PPP to allot ticket for the NA seat of Chitral to Mr. Mohammad Hakim Khan Advocate.
    He is really the shining star of young generation and has the skills and potential to serve the backward and remote area of Chitral. We the Chitrali people residing in Karachi assure the PPP leadership to give full support to Mr. Mohammad Hakim Khan. We have even also decided to go to Chitral for convassing for Mohammad Hakim Khan and are also expecting that a similar decision would also be taken by the PPP leadership to allot the ticket for the PA seat of upper Chitral to an energetic person like Mohammad Hakim Khan.

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