Another 'suicide'? 11-year-old girl hangs herself

CHITRAL, Feb 17: An 11-year old girl reportedly hanged herself to death in Awi village of upper Chitral on Saturday night. This was  the second case of ‘suicide’ in upper Chitral in less than one week. stopThe residents of Awi said Fareeha Ali, daughter of Rahmat Ali in Awi Lasht, was found hanging inside her room when it was opened by the inmates after she did not come out on Sunday morning. The deceased was a student of 5th grade at the Pamir Public School in Booni. She was the only sister of her two younger brothers. The residents said the father of the girl was in Saudia Arabia and her mother along with her two other siblings had gone to Islamabad for some medical treatment. The girl was living in the house of her uncle, they said. The whole village was mourning the death of the girl who they said was so cute and adorable. No reason for her suicide was known as she was quite normal in her relations with her family members and the relatives. An official at the Booni police station said an inquiry was being initiated to ascertain the cause behind the death. It may be noted that one week back a teenage married girl also committed suicide by taking poison in Chinar village of upper Chitral.–Zahiruddin]]>

4 Replies to “Another 'suicide'? 11-year-old girl hangs herself”

  1. How does an 11 year old have presence of mind and focus enough to do this to herself? Hard to believe. Horrible story.

  2. So sorry for the poor soul!It is the time to produce something tangible instead of just comments. NGOs,influential people as well as religious leaders should step forward to find out the root causes of suicide.Today someone else’s daughter, sister, wife, mother commits suicide, tomorrow one of us can be among the bereaved families. We are sitting silently and watching the news of suicide almost on a weekly basis just like chickens in the slaughter houses being slaughtered one by one and waiting for our turn.

  3. What is shocking and even sickening is that this eleven old considered suicide as the only way out instead of turning to her elders!! Imagining the reasons that could be behind an act as severe as this is horrifying in itself.

  4. This is very shocking to hear within such a short time another girl has lost her life. Who made the conditions for this little soul to take her life? It is very shocking indeed. As a nation we should not take these happenings lightly and do something.

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