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Khowar calendar published

CHITRAL, Dec 13: The Mother Tongue Institute for Educational and  Research (MIER) has published and brought into the market a Khowar calendar for the year 2013-14. 

MIER is an organization that has been working on language and culture documentation and the preservation and promotion of Khowar language, culture. It is also developing consensual writing and orthographical pattern in Chitral.  

Besides, it is trying to develop Khowar textbooks for teaching at the pre-school level in connection with the KPK governmnet’s decision to include Khowar in the curriculum from the next academic session. The MIER’s decision to bring out the Khowar Calendar is aiming at  acquainting  the people, especially the new generation, with the important denominators of Khowar language for the months used many years ago.–Alhaj Muhammad Khan

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  1. Zahoor ul Haq Danish says

    Hats off to MIER!! It indeed is a remarkable achievement and a great milestone in the way of Khowar’s development as a subject in curriculum and as medium of instruction in the long run. Hope your contribution will also be of enormous value in the recently going curriculum development process. Thumbs up for undertaking such a daring task to preserve our lovely language and culture!! We Chitralis owe you many thanks!!! May your commitment get further strengthened.

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