To be a Mehtar

Last year, the coronation of Mehtar Fatehul Mulk Nasir was well celebrated and we were happy to hear that. An influential man may also help resolve the miseries of the poor of the area. The Mehtar first raised the issue of duck hunting and banned it in the basin of Balach River. I, personally appreciate it as a good step to preserve wildlife and natural beauty of the region. The tradition of enthronement of Mehtar may continue but one thing to be kept in mind is that the strength of the government of Chitral in the past lied in the court and not in the whole clan of the ruler. The ruling family being the descendants of Baba Ayub, a saint from Khorasan, some racist elements have used his name as a slogan ‘Ayubia’ to bring up the ruling house to authority. However, this slogan is not only damaging the image of the ruling house but also is totally against the temperament of the discipline of Chitrali society that has remained like a single body. There has been no classification on the basis of such family prejudice. The royal court had been so strict in manners that casual and loose talking people were never let near to it or sit in the council/mahraka. Such people even from amongst the very sons of the ruler were expelled. The slogan is being used mainly for two reasons. 1- They want to regain their properties fallen into the hands of other people and in some cases even to those of own family men. 2- Those who had been degraded by the Mehtar to lower classes as Bardoyus and Boldoyus use the slogan to achieve some considerable position advertising their nobility of birth at least. To avoid the traditional discipline ‘Yardoi’ of Chitral, such people should not be allowed to play any role on behalf of the Mehtar. The Mehtar should keep an account of his activities and appoint a personal secretary or a spokesman who will convey his message to the people in a better and dignified manner.–Mohammad Ilyas, Goldoor Chitral.]]>

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