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LAHORE, Nov 5: Handbags have become something of a status symbol; if you are carrying a stylish handbag or clutch, it can surely make a fashion statement. While men fail to understand the relationship a woman has with her arm candy, handbags are slowly becoming a collectible accessory by slaves to fashion. Drawing inspiration from the international market, our old and new local artisans are now beginning to understand the worth of this accessory and are investing their resources to create their own unique collections. Existing names Krizmah and Polly & Me depict the culture, nature and folklore of the valley of Chitral through their bags using similar techniques; while their artisans are based in Chitral, Krizmah stocks its collection at Labels in Lahore and the Australian duo Polly & Me stocks its merchandise in Islamabad. Their bags are not only aesthetically pleasing but have also become a style statement over time. Mahin Hussain, on the other hand, is one of the pioneers in the country when it comes to handbag designing. By using various kinds of fabrics and embellishments, she has aimed to create bags with a young and fun vibe. Her multi-coloured bags with gota and embroidery, for instance, can be paired with both eastern and western wear. Her latest collection for August 14 received rave reviews in Karachi and is still available at The House of Ensemble in Lahore. New labels After stocking in various countries across the globe, Ayesha Mustafa, founder of Fashion Compassion, brought her accessories to Pakistan. With the determination to initiate a socially responsible business, she created calligraphy-plated handbags and clutches which attracted a lot of attention and now she is back in Pakistan with the aim of bringing them back in style. Nickie Nina, who launched their Royal Military collection earlier this year at Sunsilk Pakistan Fashion Design Council (PFDC) Week, keeps the focus on fine leathers, velvets and silks to create their elegant bags. “We have tried to make a luxury line for bags in Pakistan,” says Mehru Khan from Nickie Nina. “As far as the materials are concerned, we are using high quality fabrics.” An attractive entry to their collection is the Owl Insignia clutch. They are available at all Nickie Nina outlets, but can be made-to-order as well. At Bridal Week 2012, they launched their collection of boxed clutches using jamawar, leather and velvet with crystal embellishments — formal and to be accessorised with evening wear. “No one makes structured clutches here [in Pakistan], hence we decided to custom-make them for our clients,” Khan added. Apart from bags, the design house has also created fur-lined notebook sleeves for college students and young professionals. Showcasing her Colonial Transgression collection at Fashion Pakistan Week (FPW) 4, Misha Lakhani included some beautifully worked clutches with her elegant collection. “My inspiration was autumnal ‘70s colours such as Bordeaux, Prussian blue, black, ivory, petrol green, rusts and some orange. There’s a combination of appliqué, zardosi and doree work on the clutches as well,” she says. “I think it’s quite elegant to pair a bejeweled clutch with an unadorned outfit,” she adds. “It helps transition a day-look into an evening one.” Wardha Saleem, on the other hand, showcased her clothing line collection Folk Play at FPW4 with the help of her friend Tapu Javeri. “The bags used in this collection, to complement my clothes, were a new range of Tapu Javeri clutches,” she said, adding they are yet to be launched in the market. “The whole idea of using these clutches with my Folk Play range was to show the complete look as Tapu’s clutches coordinated very well with the theme which is associated with fun memories of childhood.”–Express Tribune]]>

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