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Musharraf to address Chitralis

CHITRAL, Oct 23:  Former President Pervez Musharraf will address the people of Chitral via the telephone at 3pm on Wednesday to announce his decision to contest the forthcoming elections from the valley. Arrangements in this regard have been made to hold a public gathering at Polo ground.    Mohammad Ali Saif, a top leader of Musharraf’s All-Pakistan Muslim League (APML), told a meeting of the party leaders and workers here on Tuesday that the former president would announce his decision to contest the forthcoming elections from Chitral.  Speaking on the occasion, APML workers and leaders from different union councils expressed their full confidence in Musharraf and declared him the biggest benefactor of Chitral.  They said Chitrali people never forget their benefactors. “We should not forget the humiliation and troubles our people, including women and children, faced while travelling to and from other parts of the country via the Afghanistan during winters when the Lowari top road remained closed.  Pervez Musharraf launched the Lowari tunnel project for our benefit and now we can go to Peshawar anytime throughout the year. Had Musharraf been in power, the project would have long been completed  but the present government suspended the project and has failed to relaunch work at the site.” Barrister Saif said that Musharaf will address the people of Chitral via the phonic video link at polo ground and it is expected that he will announce regarding contesting election from Chitral. The participants of the meeting alleged the present federal government did nothing for construction of Lowari Tunnel and now at the end of their tenure, the federal minister for communication had visited the site to announce that  work on the tunnel was being started. It is a joke with the public. [caption id="attachment_5124" align="alignright" width="300" caption="APML leaders at a meeting in Chitral Tuesday."][/caption] The participants said people of Chitral would vote for Musharraf if he contest the election from Chitral. District president of APML Shahzada Khalid Parvez also spoke on the occasion. It may be noted that the PPP government’s negligence to resolve public issues has alienated the poeple of the valley from the party. The most shocking was the abandonmnet of the Lowari Tunnel project which was near completion when Musharraf left the scene.—GH Farooqui .  ]]>

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  1. Zakir Hussain (Abu Dhabi) says

    Everybody has the right to take part in politics, but it is the business of wealthy people to test their fortune to become MNAs or MPAs. In Chitral, people pay little attention to the personal qalitities of the candidates, they rather look to the party ticket (PPP, JI), wealth, social status (Shazada League) such as the personal vote bank of sitting MNA and some family following. Pervaz Musharraf did great job for Chitralis and he has substantial support base in Chitral. The question is that he is very unpopular in the mainstream Pakistani politics. There is greater chance of his disqualification as he is a WANTED man. His supporting candidate (probably Shahzada Pervaiz) will win the seat on the basis of his father’s personal vote bank and some of Musharrafs’ supporters. If we elect him what we will get? Only a seat in the parliament which may opt to join the ruling party as the sitting MNA has been doing throughout his political life.
    Chitralis need to look to the party manifesto, leadership, personal conduct of the candidates and then cast their vote without being swayed by personal interests and relationships. That can bring a change in the country and save Pakistan. A safe and prosperous Pakistan can only ensure the future of every one living there.

  2. Munir Hussain Fatimi says

    Ahmad i think you have got all the butter in his tenure so you say all these……….i hope the public of chitral have gotten much lesson from their past decisions…….. if Musharaf himself stand here then we will…..INSHAALLAH………….

  3. Ahmad says

    Prince Mohiuddin will be back in the National Assembly by sitting in a wheelchair?? What a lovely prediction by Wasim. Everybody is sure that as long as he is there, nobody can stop him from making his way to the parliament straight, defeating all his opponents right from Salim Khan to Maulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali.
    We would love to see him as member National Assembly from Chitral once again because he is a man who knows his worth. At the end of the day, all his critics will start hovering around him like vultures, seeking favours, showering praise and some even calling him the custodian of Chitral.
    Some will call him the king of politics while some expert falterers will pray to Allah almighty before the whole crowed that may Allah almighty give him long and long life. This is what these Chitralis are…call it naivety, greed, ignorance, lack of confidence, inferiority complex and what not….bravo Chitralio, you have no comparison, you simply rock!

  4. Wasim says

    Well, I think this is like grapes are sour and we Chitralis must not demonstrate like kids. If you do not trust on the leadership of Shahzada Pervez, pass a joint resolution against him and forward it to the former military dictator, and make it clear to him that as long as the son of Mohiuddin is there, do not expect anything from Chitralis. On the one hand, you love Pervez Musharraf and on the other you are not ready to accept his nominee as your future member of parliament. I suggest you better form a group of some 9-10 people and go and meet Musharraf and apprise him of the problems being faced by the people of Chitral. Shahzada Mohiuddin has been regularly meeting him along with son since the general is out of politics. These people are very clever as they have divided their men in all the political parties. Fore example, Mohiuddin has full control over Musharraf’s APML besides fixing their eyes on the PPP as the MNA has been warning the old guards of PPP in Chitral of clinching PPP ticket for next general elections from Chitral with the help of President Zardari. Wing Commander (retd) Fardad Ali Shah, who is also a very close relative of the MNA, has joiuned Imran Khan’s PTI while Prince Sirajul Mulk and Prince Sikanderul Mulk are also busy in extending underground support to Imran. Begum Shahzadi Suleman is very much active within the PPP along with the man who had also contested previous elections on the PPP ticket. The politics needs planning otherwise just crying will be of no use. My advice to you is that just step up efforts or the day is not far when Prince Mohiuddin will be back in the National Assembly by sitting in a wheelchair.

  5. Sohail Khan says

    The local Pervaiz is enough to convert the 100s of Pervaiz Musharaf into a zeroAm Musharaf does not need any opposition in Chitral, Khalid Pervaiz is enough to ensure his failure. But Chitralies will still love Musharaft without being part of the dirty politics of the old lieutenant

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