Under-construction bypass a nuisance for Chitralis


CHITRAL, Oct 9: Former MNA Maulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali and former district nazim Maghfirat Shah have criticized the provincial government for the inordinate delay in the completion of byepass in Chitral and said it has become a source of nuisance and misery for the people. Addressing a joint press conference here on Tuesday, they alleged that the provincial government seemed to have launched the project just to extort money instead of improving congest road of the city. They said that the road was excavated from Chew bridge to New bazar for the construction of the bye-pass road through which thousands of vehicles passed everyday which fly off the dust into the surrounding making it difficult for the pedestrians and the shop keepers of Krup Risht bazaar. The local leaders complained that the bulk amount of dust and dirt accumulated in the area is likely to cause outbreak of disease and the shop keepers of the bazaar and the dwellers of houses around it are thinking of migration from the area. They said that the cost of the project will be enhanced many times due to the further delay in its completion which will be an additional burden on the government. They also asked the exponents of human rights organizations to take up the issue which is a sheer violation of human rights by the provincial government as the project is not completed for the last four years. On this occasion, hundreds of the shopkeepers of Krup Risht bazaar were also present who criticized their elected leaders including the provincial minister from Chitral Salim Khan and MNA Shahzada Mohiuddin for their indifference towards the issue which has plagued the whole city. The shopkeepers gave a deadline of only two days to the government and demanded that the secretary to the government for communication and works (C&W) department should come to Chitral to hold negotiations with them failing which they will block the road for all kind of vehicular traffic.–Zahiruddin   <script>var pfHeaderImgUrl = ”;var pfHeaderTagline = ”;var pfdisableClickToDel = 0;var pfBtVersion=’1′;(function(){var js, pf;pf = document.createElement(‘script’);pf.type = ‘text/javascript’;if(‘https:’ == document.location.protocol){js=’https://pf-cdn.printfriendly.com/ssl/main.js’}else{js=’http://cdn.printfriendly.com/printfriendly.js’}pf.src=js;document.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(pf)})();</script><a href=”http://www.printfriendly.com” style=”color:#6D9F00;text-decoration:none;” class=”printfriendly” onclick=”window.print();return false;” title=”Printer Friendly and PDF”><img style=”border:none;” src=”http://cdn.printfriendly.com/pf-button-both.gif” alt=”Print Friendly and PDF”/></a>  ]]>

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